07 Nov

Casual Wednesdays

As much as I would like to dress up with all my random weirdness, I can’t really go to school looking like I’m going to a party. My school is super laid back and I guess I’ll just have to blend in somehow. Haha.

You may have noticed that I’m not a "bag person". I tend to abuse my bags and they end up looking like they’ve gone through some savagery making them unworthy to be in my outfit shots. That is why I don’t really spend a lot for bags. Haha.

AFS bag, Say’s shoppe shirt, Natasha foldable flats

I had a fun time at school today. I have this teacher who made us all laugh the whole time. I laughed so hard I almost cried. Haha. But then, when there’s a fun teacher, there’s always a boring one. Pfft! Ok bye.

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