10 Nov


- Jem Carstairs to Tessa Gray (The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince)

I spent days having mixed feelings about Jace and Clary’s bittersweet whirlwind relationship, and having my heart broken by Magnus and Alec’s break-up by the end of The Mortal Instruments’ 5th book (City of Lost Souls). After reading the five books, I went on to read another book series, The Infernal Devices, which is actually the prequel to the former book series. I finished the second book (Clockwork Prince, the latest one) just recently. The image above contains part of the book which was the most striking part for me. If you have read it, you would most likely feel the same. Haha. Well, Jem is in love with Tessa, and so is she with him. Or maybe she just thinks she is. He’s dying and he proposed to her. I mean, if you were in her place, would you really want to turn down a dying man? Meanwhile, Jem’s parabatai (blood brother), Will, has also been secretly (maybe not that secretly) in love with Tessa as well but has been trying to push her away because he thought he was cursed by a demon who told him that everyone who loved him will die. And Tessa loved him. But it was all just a trick and there was no curse at all. When he finally confessed to Tessa, it was already too late since she had already accepted Jem’s proposal. I felt bad for Will. All those years trying to pretend he was cruel and pushed everyone who cared for him away, it was all for nothing! On the other hand, Tessa being in love with both guys was left conflicted. How could she love Jem wholeheartedly when she knows that a part of her heart belongs to Will? Loving two guys who are completely different in every way, how could she possibly honesty choose? But she already has, and she chose Jem. But that was BEFORE Will confessed.

Ugh. Evidently, most stories contain love triangles which will make us hate it or love it or maybe feel both sometimes. Except for the fiction part (involving Shadowhunters, Downworlders, Demons, and the rest of the Shadow World – which I am so much fascinated with), this does happen in real life, doesn’t it? Now, I have to wait for the next book which is yet to be released on March 2013, to know what’ll happen next. See, I’ve never been so attached to books like this before. So, forgive me if I am boring the shit out of you right now. Haha. Looking forward to March! Okay, bye. : )

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