16 Dec

My Hairvolution

1. The Helmet

As kids, we weren’t really given the chance to choose what hairstyle we’d like, right? At least the silly baby pictures we have give us a good laugh every now and then. ;)

PS: Always wear your helmet when riding a motorcycle. Hahahaha.

2. Hey Orange

3. The Cobra

4. The "Sharon Cuneta" hair

5. The "Bad-hair-day-everyday" hair

6. The Fire

7. The Ombre

I’ve had more hairstyles in the past but I couldn’t find the old photos anymore. These are just some of the many that I had and that I will have.

8. Burgundy

I’ve always been experimental when it comes to my hair. Last night, I had my mom dye my hair for me. Isn’t she just the best mom in the world?! Lol. I think I might stick with this hair colour for awhile.

What do you think? ;)

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