17 Dec


As much as I love eating and taking pictures of food, I do try to cook/make food at home during my free time or when my randomness kicks in.

Chiffon cake with Choco-Peanut Butter frosting and Tootie Frooties

Tuna Ditalini with an awkward piece of Lettuce on the side

Frozen Strawberries and Creme with Condensed Milk

Chicken Spaghetti

Chocolate Pancakes

My cheap rip-off of Krispy Kreme’s Cookies&Cream doughnuts

I get some kind of satisfaction when I make my food look good even if it’s just me eating it… at home. Well, I hope this post made you hungry because it made me hungry so I hope we’re all hungry right now. Are you hungry? Lol Kbye.

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  1. cardiac-almanac said: Wow. This food porn is making my stomach grumble.. So awesome.
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