31 Dec


Despite all the negative vibes and scary(but not really) prophecies (the world coming to an end shit) that were exposed this year or even before this year started, I believe that 2012 was the best year I’ve had so far!

This year, I’ve made new friends, made enemies, met exciting people, got out of my comfort zone, learned a lot of new things, got weirder by the day, made a lot of money and spent it all, swam in the middle of the sea (w/ a life vest though), went to see/meet my favorite 90s boyband A1 - five times & they even went to my school, got in the dean’s list for the first time, shockingly won a lot of freebies from different contests, explored new places, ate more food, slightly conquered my fear of heights, played lesser video games and read more books, took life less seriously, lived every day with complete randomness, slayed some downworlders with my seraph blade and trapped demons into my pyxis. Okay so the last two parts didn’t really happen. Haha.

I can’t be thankful enough for having survived one heck of a whirlwind that this year has been. I have realized quite a number of things this year. I’ve learned that victory is not about winning in every argument, but simply standing up for what you believe in. Satisfaction is not about doing your job just for the money, but because you love doing it. Friendship is not about having many friends to laugh with, but having friends that will be with you even when you’re at your worst. Love is not about being with someone that everybody likes and approves of, but it’s about being with someone who may not be perfect but will remain loyal no matter how you tend to push him away. And, life does not provide an escape button when the world seems crumbling down on you, so all you need to do is face every single day and every single challenge with a strong mind and a brave heart. 

So, here is most of my 2012 in rather tiny photographs:


My henna tattoo for Sinulog 2012 | My boyfirend’s greeting for me posted at WAGW Ayala | Sinulog 2012 | Matching ballers | Valentines date at the amusement park | At the mountains | Herbie at Distrcit50 | A1 Presscon at MAG’s | My bros | Somewhere in the south | Photogenic benches | Random Shot | Island hopping | Mochiko | Kaona Grill
imageAcquaintance Party | Birthday cake | Monthsary | A1 tickets | Birthday treat | My uncle’s wedding | I’m a Tekken god | Goofs at the beach | Occassional trip to Starbucks | First blog giveaway | Family get-together

imageFrustrated artist | Poolside | Boredom x Randomness | My high school bestfriend and I fangirling over our favorite band | Designed the promotional t-shirt for the A1 concert & it did sell like pancakes

imageAt Sprocket’s Cafe | A good photo taken with my crappy digital camera | Iced cocoa and PHP | Mark Read followed me on Twitter! | Red hair | Bowling | Boyf’s first try at Aboitiz Cup | The Christmas tree as my backdrop | Gifts | GRID watch - my reward | Our small and poorly decorated tree

If I had a chance to change anything that has happened this year, I wouldn’t change anything. I still believe that everything happens for a reason. My only wish for 2013 is to GRADUATE (on March). That is all. LOL

Cheers for a great year! I just hope 2013 won’t be the total opposite. :))

photo from: http://malinhallkvist.tumblr.com/

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