05 Jan

Take Me Back To The 80’s?

As if I was born in the 80s. Lol! I’m not sure but this look sort of gives me that 80’s vibe. Maybe it’s the denim? The lollipop’s purpose is to make it look like i’m some forgoten 80’s popstar or whatever. Haha.


Messy hair is messy. I intentionally do my hair in waves to make it look messy. When I try to keep my hair neat, it always ends up messy. So why not just make it messy so it doesn’t get messy? What? Lol. #messyismywordoftheday #whyamiusinghashtags?

Next Jeans polo, MissC’s Bazaar bustier, Gorgeous headband, Solemate flats

I love my headband, I gushed when I first saw it in the mall! Does this look scream 80’s to you? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m no fashion expert. I’m just trying to  make myself look weird in public. Weird or not weird, as long as you like what you’re wearing and you’re comfortable in it, GO FOR IT! :)


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