21 Jan

Sinulog Festival 2013

The Sinulog Festival is one of the most-attended festivals here in the Philippines. Fortunately, I live in the city where the festival happens! I see to it that I attend the festival every year even though it means turning into a ball of sweat and perspiring every ounce of sweat in my body. Wait, that didn’t sound good. Haha. 

The floats at the parade were beautiful.

Look at all these people who came to watch the parade! :O

Who says I forgot about our thesis? Lol at my PHP henna tattoo. The other one’s (supposedly) a fearless rune from Cassandra Clare's book series, “The Mortal Instruments”. It doesn’t exactly look like the rune though. Haha.

One of my agenda for Sinulog was to see my favorite local celebrities. I was so happy to see Xian Lim and Enchong Dee for the second time, and Kim Chiu (although I miserably failed to take a clear photo of her) and Richard Yap for the first time! My boyfie let me sit on his shoulder which was pretty scary for me and maybe exhausting for him.

Enchong Dee, Richard Yap, Slater Young, Xian Lim, Kim Chiu

I was so excited but right at the moment when these celebs were already right in front of me… they were facing the other side! Bummer! I was trolled!

Enchong Dee, Richard Yap, Slater Young

There were tons of other local celebs too but… meh. Lol

Coco Martin, Erich Gonzales, Aaron Villaflor, Gina Pareño, Zsazsa Padilla




Dropped by breadafterbread on our way home to buy some… bread.

All the streets were packed yesterday, as expected. There were moments where we got stuck in some place because we couldn’t get through and people were pushing each other. We didn’t even make it to Baseline and get paint all over ourselves. Booo! We gave up so easily and missed all that fun. *slaps self in the face* Ugh, that was one of the most exhausting moments in my life but I still had a fun time yesterday.


Viva Pit Señor! :)

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