26 Jan

Milestones and Depression

I have been wanting to purchase a domain several months back but unfortunately, I am in no possession of a credit card. Just recently I received enough PayPal credits to buy my own domain! Yipee!

Is www.peytchu.me okay? It was the most affordable domain that I could find that allowed me to purchase it without a credit card to back up my PayPal account. How poor do I sound now? HAHA.¬†For those who also want their own domain too but don’t have a credit or debit card just like myself, I bought my domain at NameCheap.com. The sad part is that I lost my blog stats and ¬†facebook likes after changin my domain. Back to zero!¬†

This is another milestone for my blog after my first ever giveaway late last year. Huzzah! And yeah, I’m sort of depressed of how today turned out. Oh well, who said life was fair? Bye for now. :)

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