30 Jan

January through Instagram

I really really really wanted to do this when I saw <insert month here> through Instagram” posts on some of my favorite bloggers’ blogs (Kryz Uy & Adam Gallagher) last year. But I didn’t want to start in the middle of the year. That’s just me being OC. Lol. I promised myself I would start doing this on January 2013 and hopefully still do this until the year ends. Well, that is if my inevitable laziness does not kick in.

image   Goofy faces are goofy! XD   FOOOOOOOD!
Dad's birthday  My bros by heart! hahaha  2013 planner
Mang Inasal  Fish Spa  Tablea
A sweet loot!  my panda backpak  image
The happy dog  Papers, Papers, Papers.  image
Mochiko  Meet my fluffy friends!  image
Apple Pie! Nomnomnom :3  Batman is dead.  New ID! Better late than never. Lol
Dean's Lister for the first time!

Yep, that is my real name. "Peyt Chu" is just a nickname that started when I had Pichu (Pokemon) as my DP in Facebook some time ago.

image  Zubuchon  Because I have never eaten Gerber when I was a baby. Haha
  image  image  image
image  image  image
  image  image image

I know, I know, January’s not yet over but I’m planning to post something else by Feb 1st and the next two days are gonna be uninteresting so… there you have it! My JANUARY THROUGH INSTAGRAM post. It may be not that interesting to you but I just really wanted to try. Are these too many? Maybe it’s because I went into an “InstaHiatus" (that’s just how I call it. Lol) for a few months and I just missed it so much. Haha. Anyhoo, if you want to see more of my nonsensical square shaped photos, follow me on Instagram. :)

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