26 Feb



DIY bleached & studded jeans, WAGW shirt, Graffities bracelet, Thrifted scarf

Hooray for successfully bleaching my jeans! It was raining last week and I couldn’t get out of the house and got bored so I filled up an empty cologne bottle with bleach and sprayed on my jeans. I hate the smell of bleach! But it was so worth it. X) I got the scarf from an "ukay-ukay" store near my place and I just couldn’t stop using it just like the shoes that I’m wearing. I call it my "Saturday shoes" since I wear it almost every Saturday. LOL.

To make up for my lack of posts, I will make this post sort of long. Hehe. This is BBQ Boss's Blue Lemonade. Do I like it? No comment. We eat there almost everyday though. The bbq's really good!

So, we’re in an exhibit in Ayala! For those people in facebook who kept on asking if the shoot was a pre-nup shoot, the answer is NO. It was only for an exhibit. (Pag nag shoot ang couple, pre-nup agad? Neknek nyo. Hahaha)

After looking at photos at the exhibit (which we totally forgot to photograph because it felt very awkward lol), we went to Pizza Hut to celebrate, you know, our “success”. HAHA. And yep, the four of us finished all of those up. Talk about multi-chambered stomachs! Hehe. Thank God it’s Satruday! ;)

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