28 Feb

February Memoirs

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1. My new baby haha!

2. Messy dual screen set-up

3. Anniversary celebration at CMYK

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4. My first academic award in college


6. Our meme faces

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7. Mom’s pasalubong

8. My not-so high score

9. Cutie socks from Graffities

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10. B&W vain moment

11. The “Dawn Zulueta” pose

12. Homework and icecream~

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13. Sugar rush from my favorite Choco Frio and Cotton Candy!

14. Fun shoot with boyfie

15. Free samples from Sample Room PH

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16. Valentine’s gift from mom

17. Post-defense lunch at Dong Juan

18. Post-Valentine’s gift from the boyfriend

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19. Master Siomai's japanese siomai

20. “Business Meeting” at Malakius Art Kaffe

21. My rewards for myself for being so hardworking HAHA

image  image  

22. My little self wearing my uncle’s toga :))

23. Yummy egg tarts from mom

24. My date with mom! Lol

So, that was most of my February 2013. Follow me on Instagram for more of my four-cornered, regular quadrilateral photos. 

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