17 Mar

Getting in Shape


Part of my New Year’s Resolution(Ancient, I know) was to start exercising for a healthier me. Lol. It’s a bit late but with the busy schedule that I had from the previous months, I couldn’t squeeze in some time for jogging. Finally, I was able to jog last Sunday and today with the boyfriend. He’s like my trainer who encourages me to push myself for more rounds because I’m quite limpy and I always end up walking. :))


I’m not an outdoors-y person because I don’t like being under the heat of the sun that’s why jogging at 6 AM is perfect!!! I’m shockingly so determined to get in shape that I always get excited to get up really early every Sunday morning to jog. Haha. This is so not me. But you know what they say, “health is wealth”. ;)

I’m looking forward to more Sunday morning jogs and some football training. HAHAHAHA. Toodles!

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