28 Apr

My April in pictures


1. Movie Date!
2. Mojito and Daiquiri at the beach
3. Freebie from Romwe!


4. Sucky graduation photos
5. First rain in April!
6. Because I wanted a photo with a shark


7. Beating the heat
8. Afternoon tea
9. My forever love, Choco Frio from Tablea


10. Weekly ice cream treat and Game of Thrones
11. Star Wars marathon
12. Panda overload at the mall


13. My new found love, Mogu Mogu!
14. Homemade Banana Split with more ice cream
15. Random vain shot


16. My seldom participation in Throwback Thursdays
17. Cheese tarts!
18. My stressed out work face


19. Jelly Belly jelly beans from the boyfriend! ♥
20. One of my favorite Adventure Time episodes
21. We’re ready for Summer Sunscream! Are you?


Heyyy! I’m back. I know April’s not over yet but I’m pretty sure nothing interesting is gonna happen in the next couple of days so let me just post this now. Haha. April was sort of a busy month for me which explains how stale this blog has become this month. I feel sad for not updating but I just didn’t have the time and energy to do so this past week. Thank heavens for weekends though, I was able to go watch Iron Man 3 with my bros from another mother and my boyf yesterday. It was *wait for it* AMAAAAZING! And if there is one thing that I have learned from watching Marvel moves over the years, it is to NOT leave the cinema right after the movie ends. There’s always a surprise after the credits. #duh

So, how was April for you guys? :)

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