27 Aug

The Unstoppable

WAGW top, WAGW skirt, Romwe bag

I’m not gonna say much about this outfit except that it is obviously color coordinated. Yep, I do love matching the colors of my outfit. And if you noticed that I’m sporting an all WAGW number here, well yeah, I work there so it’s only right to wear the brand. Haha.

During my trip to Manila, I made a "no shopping policy" for myself because I wanted to use my money on food trips. Yep, I am obviously that obsessed with food.


If there is one cuisine that I could eat every day for my whole life, it would be Italian. Sometimes I like other cuisines, sometimes I don’t, but I would never say no to pizza and pasta!

Cara Mia Gellateria

Can we have Cara Mia in Cebu please? It’s even better than Gelatissimo! Seriously! I had the choco sansrival flavored gelato and I swear it was "foodgasmic"!


I have to admit that the food looked very appealing, but for me, it wasn’t as satisfying as I’ve expected. I prefer food with stronger flavors and this was just plain and bland. Sorry.

Made in Candy

Remember those colorful erasers that we had when we were kids? It looked like these, right? Haha. These candies are not just yummy to the eyes, they taste really good and fruity! 

Tokyo Tokyo

The food’s okay although I didn’t find anything special about it. We were just hungry and I suddenly wanted Japanese food for breakfast so Tokyo Tokyo was the easiest way to go.

Happy Lemon

Happy in my tummy! We should have this in Cebu and I’d surely be a daily customer. Not only is it affordable but it also tastes reaaaaally good! I had the Matcha Latte with Oreo Cookies and I super loved it… until my delicate throat started to hurt and signaled me to stop.



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